This soap of 150g is used as a replacement for shower gel, face wash, and shampoo. Olivscent classic. A unique handmade soap. This classic olive soap is a handmade crafted item. It takes months from the first step of making the soap to get to the markets. 100% natural and organic ingredients.




Olive oil, laurel oil, herbal extract, lye/sodium hydroxide, distilled water. From organic and 100% natural resources.
Olijfolie, laurierolie, kruidenextract, loog/natriumhydroxide, gedestilleerd water.
Van biologische en 100% natuurlijke bronnen.

2 reviews for Olivscent classic olive oil & laurel

  1. Hajar

    The soap has a really great fragnance. Overall very high quality. I love it, would defineltely recommend anyone to use it!

  2. Jacob

    Smells wonderful. Great craftsmanship.

    • olivale

      Great to hear, Jakob!

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