The story of Olivscent

The story of Olivscent starts back in 2020 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea started by introducing the culture and story behind the olive oil soap and its various scents. This product is being made for decades and generations. It’s a traditional process of making this product, in which many men get along and each one starts with a part. Starting with cooking the substances and laying the final cooked soap on the ground at high temperatures that exceed 100 Celsius. The cooked soap must stay cool on the ground for days and then get cut into the wanted shapes and sizes. In the next step, the stamps o the factory go on the cutting soaps. Moreover, the formed soap now goes in piles na must be stored for months before deployment into the markets and to the hand of the consumer. It’s more than just a product, generations are linked through this product and its story, which enriches cultures. The mission of Olivscent is to bring this culture and the story behind this product to various places around the world. Watch the video below for more elaboration on the story!

This video elaborates on the story behind the making of the soap and its link to many generations. How the war in Syria affected the production of some of the most authentic products. Many factories closed due to a lack of demand and the safety conditions in the region in general, as many countries are affected in that region, such as Lebanon and Palestine besides Syria. These are the biggest producers in the region, as Aleppo soap originates from Aleppo, in Afrin, a region in Northern Aleppo. The story of Aleppo soap

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